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Undergraduate Catalog 2014-15

Sociology Minors

Minor in Sociology

A grade of at least a C (not C-) must be earned in the core courses, and a GPA of at least 2.00 must be earned in all courses that comprise the minor.

Requirements for Minor: Sociology



SOC 100

Introduction to Sociology


Total Prerequisite Credits


Select one course from the following:

SOC 319

Managing and Analyzing Databases


SOC 320

Social Research


SOC 322

Qualitative Research Methods


Select one course from the following:

SOC 330

Classical Sociological Theory


SOC 334

Contemporary Sociological Theory


Select one course from the following:

SOC 303

Social Psychology


SOC 305



Select one course from the following:

SOC 307

Social Stratification


SOC 340



Select 6 credit hours of SOC courses




Minor in Aging and Society

The minor in aging and society is offered by the sociology program. This minor is designed for students who are interested in learning about the elderly population or for those who seek career opportunities serving this demographic. This minor will help students comprehend theories in adult development, social gerontology, life course, intergenerational relationships, and the needs of an aging population. Other topics include medical and related health issues and emphasize how sociological perspectives help frame problems specific to the elderly population and their families and to the societies adjusting to aging dynamics. Social policies will also be analyzed and compared to other countries.

Requirements for Minor: Aging and Society


Select three courses from the following:

ANT 321

Medical Anthropology


ANT 375

Anthropology of Aging


SOC 342

Sociology of Aging


SOC 340



SOC 450

Medical Sociology


SOC 499

Readings: Sociology


Select one course from the following:

SOC 308

Social Organization


SOC 315

Marriage and the Family


SOC 320

Social Research


SOC 335

Popular Culture


SOC 360

Technology and Social Change


PHI 200



PHI 220

Healthcare Ethics


Select one course from the following:

NRS 413

Aging in Today's Society


PSY 321

Lifespan Development


HSR 314

Death, Dying and Grief


HSR 306

Introduction to Gerontology


Select two electives from the aging category




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