Bachelor of Science in Business Informatics

Information – Technology – Data Driven Decision Making

Business Informatics combines these three critical elements to help businesses maintain their competitive edge.  People with degrees in Business Informatics play a vital role in the business world by matching the needs of business to available and emerging technologies.

The Bachelor of Science Business Informatics (BSBI) program teaches students the technical, analytical, and systems knowledge for business applications. Through this program, students develop skills to manage information resources within today’s complex business world.

Complete the curriculum from the convenience of your home computers via the Internet with a few courses taken in an hybrid setting. The curriculum was developed by seasoned full-time faculty members from the College of Informatics. The NKU College of Informatics is housed in world-class Griffin Hall.

Please note:  There are particular courses for admission to this selective admission program that may not be available online.

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