Bachelor of Science Health Science

Why choose Health Science at NKU?

You’ll improve your career mobility.

The online Bachelor of Science in Health Science (BHS) is an interdisciplinary program that provides the opportunity for associate-prepared allied health professionals to improve their career mobility by enhancing their knowledge and skills.

You don’t have to have clinical skills or credentials.

NKU Online Learning now offers the Bachelor of Science in Health Science Non-Clinical Program. The BS-Health Science Non-Clinical track is for those who do not have clinical skills or credentials, but wish to pursue a career in some aspect of health care that does not involve direct patient care. 

Students will have the option of completing a basic track and, with additional courses, a focus. The primary differences between the current requirements and the non-clinical track are the replacement of HSC 460 and HSC 413 with HIN 356 and BIS 330 within the core requirements and the defined electives; applicants to the non-clinical track will not need professional credentials.

It’s built for your busy lifestyle.

This online degree program is designed for post-traditional students who are working and managing a full life.

Students can start in fall, spring or summer terms and may enroll full time or part time, taking one, two, three or more courses each term, depending on individual preference. The length of time it takes to complete the program is determined by the individual student and the number classes taken each year.

You’ll be prepared to lead with a well-rounded academic experience.

The curriculum is broad-based, with electives in:

  • Psychology
  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Human services
  • Health informatics
  • Education in allied health programs
  • Advanced imaging (offered to those who meet the pre-requisites)
  • Respiratory care (offered to those who meet the pre-requisites)

The upper division courses (300/400 level) blend technical and humanistic theories to provide graduates with a foundation for advanced positions in health care. Through enhanced knowledge and skills, graduates will be able to lead and influence colleagues and co-workers in the advancement of their professions.

In addition to opportunities that may be available with a bachelor’s degree, the degree also serves as a "stepping stone" to graduate school.

The degree requires a minimum of 120 semester hours for graduation; the last 30 hours completed through NKU.

Major Curriculum 30 hours in coursework; 21 hours required core and 9 elective hours
Foundation of Knowledge - General Education Program 37 hours in coursework:  Communication 9 hours, Scientific & Quantitative Inquiry 10 hours, Self & Society 9 hours, Culture & Creativity 6 hours, Global Viewpoints 3 hours 

Call Educational Outreach for more information at (859) 392-2400 and ask for Natalie. 



Cindy Clair, 2011 Graduate Bachelor of Science Health Science

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